Summer Breeze

Summer nights on Lake Huron

Well I’m back. Maybe this time I can get this blog off the ground. It’s all about effort I suppose. Taking a break every now and then and just taking the time to review some shots and tell a story.

I recently found myself a summer home. A little spot by the Lake. Working from home because of COVID-19 has allowed me to spend more time here than I most likely would under the old normal. In some ways, I can’t complain for sure. I do miss my office tho!

So this little place is on the coast of Lake Huron. Views like the one above have been plenty this summer. There is much to explore with much to photograph providing much to share. I don’t get out with my camera as much I would like. My work takes priority. That being said, I need to get back to hearing the sound of the shutter clicking away. I need to tell a story.

Does the shot above tell a story? What do you think it is? Every shot has a story…. some are real and some… well … some are just a thought of what we want it to be. Tell me the story of what you see in this image… my story will come later… sail on sailors!

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